CRS&SI for Reliable Transportation Systems Planning

The goal of the research project is to develop and validate spatial information (SI) technologies for reliable transportation systems planning.

The key objectives are:

  1. to research and recommend the best SI technology or the best combination of technologies to capture travel time;
  2. to develop a space-based framework for travel time data capture, storage, retrieval, analysis and reporting;
  3. to research and integrate both recurring and non-recurring (“incidents related”) congestion components to measure link-level reliability by time of day for transportation planning;
  4. to process bus travel time data for better transit planning; 
  5. to develop interactive tools with analytical/visual capabilities to assess and report condition of the network, and facilitate stakeholder’s need in identifying, prioritizing & planning transportation projects; and,
  6. to develop a comprehensive project outreach program and effectively inform and disseminate tools / products and outcomes to relevant transportation user-communities.

The research project involves data gathering, development of tools and query applications for data processing and fusion, and development of decision support system (DSS) tools to assess and report link-level reliability, rank and identify unreliable corridors for project selection, and examine the effect of incidents for management and re-routing traffic.